Love yourself.

 Our bodies are just painted vessels filled with mostly working parts. The outside will decay as time goes by, and your organs may grow weak, but the soul will continue to flourish in wonderful ways if you let it.

 There is more to life then the way your face is arranged. True beauty can only be found from within. Your face and body will fade with old age. Cosmetics do nothing but play ticks on our sight. So why continue to sit in front of the mirror for hours perfecting yourself when no one is ever really perfect or flawless. Why not build character instead? It last longer and is much more significant. And when you reach that age where your hair starts to gray you’ll be happy, because you didn’t waste time trying to perfect your already unique and intricate self.

 There’s nothing wrong with a little face paint, but don’t let it define you. The years you have on this planet should be spent exploring the depths of your mind and soul, not your box full of cosmetics or cabinet full of diet pills. Just love yourself, it’s worth it.

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