Death before broken hearts

I broke my back, my bones, my pride,
so why is it you didn’t fight?
Death before dishonor.
That is what they say,
But of course you took flight.
Instead of basking in the glory,
you sulked in your self made pity,
like a filthy pig wallows in his own shit.
You burned me.
Ripped my heart out from it’s body,
and torched it.
The embers of my charred heart hit my lungs,
I cough up blood,
and every bit of love I had for you.
My once warm body turns into a cold space,
some sort of cavity that slowly fills itself back up with pure hate.
My world was yours.
My soul,
my everlasting love and affection belonged to you,
but now it’s become so minuscule.
All I asked was that you die for me,
like I would die for you,
But you dug deep.
You found the roots at the end of my feet,
and stuck me in the ground.
I have no more energy to fight.
It’s hard to have hope when you’re six feet deep,
and even harder to find some sort of light.
I stopped waiting for a rescue.
I searched my soul for forgiveness,
but I found myself only more bitter,
and painfully relentless.
Why did you turn away?
The battles we were won,
and the war was almost over.
Instead of defending the one you said you loved,
you took cover..

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