Your Own Hope

Fuck the self hate and start making love.
Start to educate,
make the flowers bloom and reach the skies above.
You’ve got nothin’ to lose,
always somethin’ to prove,
but baby girl don’t let the noose get to you.
Bright kid,
with a bright future.
Never let them silly boys get to her.
Grew up around the ghetto suburbs,
followed around in flocks,
and fake herds.
Stayed away from players.
Yeah, they could make it rain,
but baby made it thunder.
Heart breaker,
she could let ‘em loose.
No care for forever,
she never saw love in truth.
with a good head on them shoulders.
sick of all them cowards.
Growing up workin’ her ass off,
didn’t always pay off,
but you gotta get off this block.
Born to spread the message.
Find faith in yourself,
your own God,
and obsessions.
Fall a couple times,
even bruise those thick hips,
but she always gets up and wipes the blood off her lip.
with expensive cherry red lipstick.
Baby girl is here to take the world at it’s worst,
put herself in that hearse,
to take the pain away,
create somethin’ wonderful that’s here to stay.
Spread some love,
demolish the hate.

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